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When the new ipad was announced from Apple, many people were wondering whether there will be a notable difference or not. Let me answer that question right at the beginning of this article: yes, there is a significant difference between the ipad 3 and the previous editions of this tablet. The difference is subtle, but you can actually see it and make the statement that it is definitely present. You probably assumed that I am talking about the Retina Display featured on the new edition of iPad by Apple. The expectations were high before the ipad 3 came out, but this time there were satisfied.    


The screen on the new ipad

The essential thing about this iPad edition is that its screen is pretty much everything there is. Of course, there is some stuff around the back, such as the graphic processor, the processor, the storage, the wireless connectivity and the battery. However, the screen what the user deals with. I consider this to be a benefit of the ipad 3 because this screen quality deserves to be the main point. For the new ipad price that starts from $499.00, you will get four times more pixels on the screen compared to the iPad 2, and doubled resolution. The iPad 2 is actually still available to be purchased from $399, but the new edition of the Apple iPad is far more worth the money, especially for its screen. You can notice the obvious difference if you compare the two iPads and look at the covers from the Newsstand application. You will see what I’m talking about right away. The letters are very tidy on the new tablet and the icons are clean as you wouldn’t expect very often from electronic devices like this. The keyboard is also extra sharp, which is yet another benefit of the new edition.                                                        

Cameras on ipad 3

The back camera of the new ipad is upgraded to 5 megapixels. The tablet also allows you the option of HD video which gets stabilization. Most of the people that have iPads don’t prefer to take pictures or videos with them, so you might wonder what the use is of having the improved camera and HD video option. Well, maybe you didn’t like taking pictures with the iPad 2 because it didn’t perform well in that area. When you are provided with this facility on the new edition, I guarantee that most of the users will start filming videos and taking pictures with it. It is much easier to film an HD video with the third edition of iPad and upload it right away, than filming it with a camera and transferring it to your computer to cut it and upload it. After all – even if you end up not using the HD filming and the 5MP camera after all, you are still getting it for nothing.                 

Is the new ipad worth buying?

As we already said a few times in this article, the new edition of iPad is definitely improved. The screen is far better and more detailed, particularly at the system level. The main question is: is the difference enough to be worth paying the new edition ipad price? Well, the applications like the Newsstand we mentioned above show the difference clearly. However, that happens only when you see the covers. If you compare the same New Yorker article under high magnification on the new ipad and its predecessor, you actually won’t notice a difference because the articles don’t get extra resolution. That means that if you are mainly using your iPad 2 as an e-reader, you won’t have much use of buying the new improved version. However, if you mainly use the iPad 2 for games and different apps, you will notice thrilling improvements on the level of detail. Watching movies is also a far better experience on the new Apple tablet.